what is the meaning of Cartier love bracelet?

Cartier jewelry replica brand, is one of the world’s top ten jewelry brands, the same is based on the sale of expensive luxury jewelry and watches based. Cartier brand in 1874 in Paris, France founded, after a hundred years of development, because of its correct management, exquisite quality, eventually becoming a world famous brand. Cartier introduced in 1969 a love bracelet bracelet series, this bracelet has a special place, that is, you must use a matching screwdriver to open it. So what is the meaning of this special bracelet? What price?

Cartier love bracelet moral

Cartier love bracelet with 4 diamonds yellow goldFor Cartier love this love bracelet represents the loyalty and commitment to love, love bracelet is right, and each love bracelet has a special screwdriver, only through the screwdriver to be able to open the replica Cartier love bracelet, and love bracelet to wear After the general will be used to open his bracelet screwdriver to their own love, expressed a trust for love, for the love of death.

In addition, Fake Cartier love bracelet is the two semi-circular ring will be fixed with a screw, on the one hand to wear a bracelet on behalf of the success of the bracelet, on the one hand this is a lover to send a bracelet, but also on behalf of their success in love , Has a good sense of blessing.

About Cartier love bracelet

Cheap Cartier Love Bracelet 18k White GoldThis series of bracelet design is inspired by the source and medieval Europe, when the soldiers before the battlefield, in order to ensure that his wife for his loyalty, often in his wife’s waist tied an iron “Chastity belt”, so to restrain his wife. Later, after the transformation of the designer, has become such a symbol of loyalty to express love love bracelet.

Cartier love bracelet bracelet is basically the most expensive series of Cheap Cartier juste un clou bracelet, this series of bracelets are made of gold, and some are made of platinum, and some only inlaid with a diamond, some studded with diamonds, making this series of Bracelets are very expensive.

Although a bracelet launched in the last century, but every period of time will launch this series of new, so love bracelets always walk in the forefront of fashion, so many female stars put it down.

Cartier love bracelet prices

As already mentioned above, love bracelets are the most expensive collection of Cartier bracelets, so be prepared for the purchase of this collection of bracelets. Replica Cartier rose gold love bracelet price is 27360, gold love bracelet price is 37850.00 yuan, 18k without drilling closed mouth love bracelet, the price is 44500.00 yuan, the classic 18K rose gold gold LOVE diamond bracelet 4 drill price is 68880.00 yuan.

A symbol of loyalty for love, represents the trust of love, Cartier love bracelet 18k yellow gold, designed only for love, only for love, love her, trust her to send her love Cartier bracelet.

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