Cartier diamond ring

My favourite Cartier rings of 2016

Over the course of 12 months we don’t try on nearly as many new Cartier Love rings as we do new jewels. But this very fact makes the discoveries we do make even more special. I love the breadth of styles and stones on display in my 4 favourite Cartier rings from 2016, with coloured diamonds, cool designs and classic rubies just some of the highlights of the year. Many of them will be worn by only a privileged few, but we hope they will leave you feeling inspired to find your own perfect Cartier ring.

The year got off to a beautiful start with the launch of Cartier Love jewelry collection, which took home the prize for Collection of the Year in the Luxury Jewellery category at Professional Jeweller’s annual awards ceremony in the UK. A worthy follow-up to the lovely Cartier screw bracelet design, Cartier has a real knack for creating timeless Cartier rings with the prettiest of personalities. Inspired by visits to his rural French retreat, the  Cartier diamond ring is gorgeous, but the use of different-coloured gemstones in the ruby version, which is accompanied by pink sapphires and diamonds, really accentuates the swirls that, when viewed from above, create the crescent shapes after which the ring is named.

Cartier diamond ringVan Cleef & Arpels has been making jewellery in Paris since 1780, and its history is integral to its identity. From classic motifs like the Van Cleef & Arpels Perlee ring outlet, which has been present in the designs of the Maison since 1907.

This Cartier Trinity de Cartier ring is one of many pieces in the Cartier trinity collection, which is showcased in a video from Cartier called Love Paris, which launched last summer. Watch it here and be transported to the French capital, where a dashing groom and his très chic bride flit around Paris wearing Cartier jewelry, including the diamond tiara that inspired this very regal Amulette de Cartier ring.

Amongst the pastel pinks and Vivid yellows were some very special green diamonds, a gem so rarely seen in Cartier jewellery UK it gives you a good indication of how scarce they are. As you can see, the pairing of pink and green diamonds is magical, a combination that won us over once again just a few days later when the Aurora Green became one of the most valuable diamonds of 2016, selling for more than $16 million at Christie’s Hong Kong.